Safety glass part 1

Indian Standard 2553 (Part-1):2018 was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Obtaining BIS certification for safety glass can help manufacturers demonstrate that their products meet the necessary safety standards for the Indian market, which can help improve consumer trust and confidence in the product. Safety glass for architectural, building and railway uses are covered under IS 2553 (Part 1): 2018. This standard (Part I) specifies the requirements and the sampling and testing methods for safety glass intended for general use, such as glazing windows, building doors, and railway coaches.

Safety glass part 2

Safety glass for road transport is covered under IS 2553(Part 2):2019. This standard specifies the requirements and sampling and testing methods for safety glass intended for use in automobile windscreens, backlight, and side window glasses. Safety glass shall be made of 'AA' and 'A' quality flat transparent sheet glass that meets the requirements of IS 2835: 1987. Float glass can also be used to make safety glass. The thickness of the safety glass must be in accordance with the standard and measured using the method specified in the standard. Tolerances for safety glass height, width, and corner sections must be in accordance with the standard.